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                                         ”disABILITIES Beyond Limits - Empowering young women to build a better future”


People with disabilities are most likely to report discrimination in such areas like employment, education and training, usage of the internet and discrimination in interpersonal relationship and general unfair treatment. What is also evident is that the younger cohort of people feel more discriminated during first social contact and are most likely to report a disability barrier. Young people feel perceived discrimination more than any other age group.


Among youth with disabilities – women&girls are experiencing multidimensional exclusion being not only subjected to stereotypes in society, but also experience social injustice in everyday life. Younger women continue to face triple discrimination because of their gender, age&disabilities.

These are the reasons for the project to be focused on inclusion&diversity, participation, civic engagement – it is an urgent need of increasing quality of youth work, enhancing different type of competences related to supportive contexts for young women with disabilities (YWwD), promoting gender equality, reinforce the capabilities to link these women to communities including the use of digital tools for this under-represented group.

Aim: to support increasing capacity of partner organizations to create inclusive environments based on improvements and new approaches which empower young women with disabilities for civic engagement, participation&community contribution in order to manifest their full potential.


O1. To raise practitioners work quality with digital tools&practices supporting YWwD as active partners in their own inclusion&participation through at least 2 innovative products (methodological&pedagogical).

O2. To enhance applicative&inclusive character of learning environments for YWwD personal potential by 1 interactive method (scenario) stimulating 2 transferable competences (leadership&community problem solving).

O3 To increase awareness of project and capacity to use&exploit its inclusive results in the 4 partner organizations/their external environment during implementation period.


a) Inclusion Support Circles Methodology for practitioners with 2 parts: one focused on face-to-face sessions implementation; other, on virtual sessions which includes best practices&tools for online facilitating.

b) Virtual Portfolio with 2 applied training modules: Leadership and Community Problem Solving.

c) DisABILITIES Civic LAB: online compendium of 12 scenarios created even by YWwD with practitioners by practicing those transferable skills/leadership&problem solving + practical guidelines for practitioners.

d) 1 transnational training program: ”Building Scenarios”; 3 national sessions (ToT) to transfer know-how to other experts working together with YWwD on various scenarios for more applicative&inclusive contexts; 9 national workshops with YWwD to build scenarios.

STRATEGIC RESULT:  A solid partnership promoting inclusion&diversity as the most relevant pillar among practitioners to increase the capacity of YWwD and empowers them to lead healthy, engaged, and productive lives in their communities – Beyond limits! These are seeds for a better future both for young women&their families and community as a whole.

Project period - 18 months (01.10.2022-31.03.2024).

Consortium consists of:

- Federation for Accessibility of Romania as lead partner.

- Association of Consultants and Experts on Social Economy Romania (ACE-ES Romania).

- National Confederation of Disabled People (NCDP), Greece.

- CESUR (Centro Superior de Formación Europa Sur), Spain.


Project website: disABILities BEYOND LIMITS


An inclusive green community for ALL!”

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